Bayesian Knowledge: Situated and Pluriversal Perspectives

November 9 & 10, 2023 09:00–12:30 BST / 10:00–13:30 CET / 04:00–07:30 ET / 20:00–23:30 AEDT Hybrid workshop (online + at Goldsmiths, London, UK) This workshop examines potential conceptual and practical correlations between Bayesian approaches, in statistics, data science, mathematics and other fields, and feminist […]

critML: Critical Tools for Machine Learning that Bring Together Intersectional Feminist Scholarship and Systems Design

Critical Tools for Machine Learning or CritML is a project that brings together critical intersectional feminist theory and machine learning systems design. The goal of the project is to provide ways to work with critical theoretical concepts that are rooted in intersectional feminist, anti-racist, post/de-colonial […]

Booklet documentation of the “Methods, Theories, and Taking Action Through Gender and Feminisms in Human-Computer Interaction” event series

The workshop series on “Methods, Theories, and Taking Action through Gender and Feminisms in Human Computer Interaction” was documented in a booklet.

Reflections on Responsibility: Teaching prospective Interaction Designers to design post-digital futures

Our lived realities are inextricably tied to technologies and digital infrastructures. This means that when we educate designers and computer scientists of the future, we have to do more than simply give them the technical skills needed for their future jobs. It is also our […]