Claude spends a lot of time thinking about what happens when something becomes an object of computing. How things, bodies, machines, humans and animals inter- or intra-act  is of major interest to her. She was raised by songs, runs with dogs and still wonders why Power Point counts as a valid medium for academic lectures, but dancing does not. Her mother tongue is German.

Goda is researching machine learning and she is interested in feminist theory and continental philosophy. Her mother tongue is Lithuanian. She is currently in the process of learning German and forgetting Dutch. She mostly survives on philosophy memes and science fiction books.

Lea is researching epistemic software and digital tools and is interested in the interplay of algorithms, data, AI, and knowledge. Lea’s mother tongue is German. She feels more comfortable in English and is clinging to her Dutch. Lea is a good loser in board games, and names house plants.“ 

Lisa is interested in the research about gender in STEM and the stereotypes it reproduces. She thinks a lot about ways to make her research more intersectional without falling into normative patterns. Her mother tongue is German.

Viktoria is currently researching how to design fair digital services in data economy. Her weapons of choice are participatory design and human-computer interaction approaches. She is recharging her batteries while cooking or spending time with dear ones on a balcony or near water. Her mother tongue is German.