Building a feminist technological practice: a case of a feminist data set [Video]

Snippet of Caroline Sinder’s talk

What is feminist data inside of social networks, algorithms, and big data? We invited artist and machine learning designer Caroline Sinders to talk about her own technopractice and her project “Feminist Data Set”. A feminist data set queers the archive, the spreadsheet, and the data set. It moves beyond a white and male space, forcing the technology to reflect the community. A feminist data set acts as a means to combat bias and introduce the possibility of data collection as a feminist practice, aiming to produce a slice of data to intervene in larger civic and private networks.  Exploring its potential to disrupt larger systems by generating new forms of agency, the session asks: can data collection itself function as an artwork? How can we create data to be an act of protest against oppressive algorithms?

In the past years she has been examining the intersections of natural language processing, artificial intelligence, abuse, online harassment, and politics in digital, conversational spaces. She gave a talk and a workshop at ITeG, University of Kassel, on January 17, 2019, during the second Lab Meeting of the project “Reconfiguring Computing Through Cyberfeminism and New Materialism” (CF+).

The video of Sinder's talk is available here.

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