Otherwise Practices with/in computing

We are excited to present to you our series of contributions from researchers, artists, enthusiasts, activists, and visionaries on Otherwise Practices with/in computing. In the next months, we will share with you articles collated from over fourteen contributors who share their opinions, research, critique, and work on how computing practices can be otherwise done. They share how unlearning and resisting computational rationality can be possible and envisioned in a world where optimization, extraction and profit generation are primary goals.

As the use of algorithmic models and biased datasets continue to oppress and deny voices of less heard people, we are glad this series is part of work that is radical, critical and presents otherwise practices to change our technological todays and tomorrows. These pieces allow us reflect on the kinds of possibilities and re-oppressions conveniently labeled ‘best practices’, ‘style guides’, ‘fair algorithms’ and ‘balanced datasets’ advance but also to position computing as a critical science and acknowledge the interventions that happen against the background of tension between assimilation and dissimilation.

Our contributors are queer, persons of color, machine learners, trans*-, feminists, artists, activists, cyborgs, scientists, disabled, coders, non-binary, non-conformists who present their voices strongly in these series of articles.

We look forward to presenting them and their work to you in the next weeks.

Enjoy reading and join the discussion on Twitter as we discuss Otherwise Practices with/in computing.

Warm Regards

Editors: Loren and Nana Kesewaa

See all posts in this series here: https://enginesofdifference.org/category/otherwise/

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